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NetGUI is the replacement for WiFiz, being faster, more integrated with GTK+, and eventually will have more features.

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NetGUI v0.65

NetGUI is an official fork of what was originally known as WiFiz. NetGUI is a GUI frontend to NetCTL, a network manager developed for Arch Linux.

General Notes

NetGUI is in beta state. NetGUI is a rewrite from scratch of WiFiz, to take advantage of Python3 and GTK+3. NetGUI is generally considered stable now, and should be as functional, if not more so, than WiFiz. We are still developing, so be prepared for a break in this program for now (I recommend you know netctl's syntax.)

Why fork WiFiz into NetGUI?

  1. Wifiz is not very clean. The code is jumbled and not easy to maintain.
  2. Python 3 has many advantages over Python 2, namely speed. I want to use that, and I can't with WiFiz/wxPython.
  3. I want to use PyGObject for further integration with GNOME/GTK-based-window-managers.
  4. I love programming, and hate when my code is unreadable (see: point 1.)


  1. Python3
  2. python-gobject
  3. netctl
  4. notify-osd
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