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WiFiz v0.9.2.5

WiFiz is a brand new GUI NetCTL frontend. The reason why it uses NetCTL as a backend over NetCFG, is due to the fact that it better integrates with systemd, Arch Linux's new(ish) init scripts.

General Notes

WiFiz is in beta state, and generally considered stable for daily use. While things may break (and they have! Just look at issue #8!) they will be fixed as soon as possible.

When you install v0.9.2, it will say it is downgrading. Do not worry about this. It's because the versioning changed in the new version.


  1. python2
  2. wxpython
  3. wireless-tools
  4. wpa_supplicant
  5. netctl Those are currently all the dependencies I know of.

Optional Dependencies

These dependencies are required for various features.

  1. gedit: Manually editing profiles.

Known Issues

  1. "swig/python detected a memory leak of type 'wxPyXmlSubclassFactory *', no destructor found." This is a wxPython issue, and not something I can fix. Hopefully the developers of wxPython will fix it soon. It is safe to ignore, however.


A NetCTL GUI Frontend. Deprecated, please start using NetGUI, as it is better all around. Beta, however.



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