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Effective Altruism

The concept of effective altruism (EA) is a very intreesting one. That due to our cognitive biases, including our human lack of ability to judge big numbers, what we feel is "doing good" might not be what benefits the most people.

“But if you ever have a choice, dear reader, between saving a single life and saving the whole world - then save the world. Please. Because beyond that warm glow is one heck of a gigantic difference.” - One Life Against the World, Rationality A-Z

Overview and advice:

Peter Singer’s TED talk: The Why and How of Effective Altruism and their key resources

Purchasing Fuzzies and Utilons Separately: “If the lawyer needs to work an hour at the soup kitchen to keep himself motivated and remind himself why he's doing what he's doing, that's fine. But he should also be donating some of the hours he worked at the office, because that is the power of professional specialization and it is how grownups really get things done.”

Get involved:

GiveWell Charity Evaluator

The Life You Can Save Charity Evaluator and EA organisation

Giving What We Can: Take the 10% Pledge

80,000 Hours - high-impact career advice

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