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GZDoom adds an OpenGL renderer to the ZDoom source port.
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.github/workflows - extend continuous integration workflow Apr 12, 2020
bin/windows/zmusic - transitioned engine to use ZMusic as a DLL. Feb 9, 2020
cmake - transitioned engine to use ZMusic as a DLL. Feb 9, 2020
docs - changed license of portal.cpp to GPLv3 Aug 21, 2019
fm_banks Upgrade libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI Oct 4, 2018
libraries Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/zmusic_dll' Feb 15, 2020
soundfont - added a small default sound font that needs to be installed with th… May 13, 2017
specs Add handling for drawfullheight flag Jan 11, 2020
src Add mapinfo option to disable merging of identical pickup messages on… May 24, 2020
tools - Change updaterevision to a CMake script Feb 2, 2020
unused - create an intermediate structure between sectors and subsectors. Nov 4, 2018
wadsrc - fixed aiming camera that didn't follow target May 18, 2020
wadsrc_bm - changed the filter name for Doom IWADs Apr 9, 2019
wadsrc_extra Revised Serbian characters Ћ/Ђ May 6, 2020
wadsrc_lights - attenuated lights for Strife. May 22, 2020
.gitattributes - define zdoom.rc as a proper Windows text file, stop Git from misman… May 17, 2018
.gitignore Revert "AsmJit update" Oct 7, 2019
CMakeLists.txt - split the serializer in two to keep the Doom specific parts out of … Apr 11, 2020
LICENSE - add LICENSE file for GitHub's info displays Jul 21, 2018 - replaced continuous integration badges in readme Apr 11, 2020

Welcome to GZDoom!

Build Status

GZDoom is a modder-friendly OpenGL and Vulkan source port based on the DOOM engine

Copyright (c) 1998-2019 ZDoom + GZDoom teams, and contributors

Doom Source (c) 1997 id Software, Raven Software, and contributors

Please see license files for individual contributor licenses

Special thanks to Coraline of the 3DGE team for allowing us to use her as a template for this one.

Licensed under the GPL v3

How to build GZDoom

To build GZDoom, please see the wiki and see the "Programmer's Corner" on the bottom-right corner of the page to build for your platform.

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