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- fixed: IsPointInLevel must explicitly check for minisegs, which can…

… be one-sided on maps with unclosed sectors.

Obviously, in such a case it is impossible to decide whether a point is really inside the map, so if this happens, behavior is undefined.
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coelckers committed Mar 10, 2019
1 parent 90c47e7 commit 561d5a3d8be5685b716d10807d3a181d2acc75b1
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/g_level.cpp
@@ -2142,9 +2142,9 @@ int IsPointInMap(FLevelLocals *Level, double x, double y, double z)

for (uint32_t i = 0; i < subsector->numlines; i++)
// Skip single sided lines.
// Skip double sided lines.
seg_t *seg = subsector->firstline + i;
if (seg->backsector != nullptr) continue;
if (seg->backsector != nullptr || seg->linedef == nullptr) continue;

divline_t dline;
P_MakeDivline(seg->linedef, &dline);

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