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- fixed compilation of Cocoa backend

src/posix/cocoa/ error: redefinition of 'FBasicStartupScreen'
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alexey-lysiuk committed Oct 2, 2019
1 parent b0acfc3 commit ad3327bdf574f16c0b6a02c2e4ca5dcefebf8e5f
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  1. +0 −16 src/posix/cocoa/
@@ -60,22 +60,6 @@
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

class FBasicStartupScreen : public FStartupScreen
FBasicStartupScreen(int maxProgress, bool showBar);

virtual void Progress();

virtual void NetInit(const char* message, int playerCount);
virtual void NetProgress(int count);
virtual void NetMessage(const char *format, ...);
virtual void NetDone();
virtual bool NetLoop(bool (*timerCallback)(void*), void* userData);

FBasicStartupScreen::FBasicStartupScreen(int maxProgress, bool showBar)
: FStartupScreen(maxProgress)

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