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Fix issues in ILLUSORY/ilusory1 (#916)

* Fix issues in ILLUSORY/ilusory1

Added some compatibility patches for Illusions of Home E1M6, E3M4, and E3M7 (this fixes minor issues to all of these maps)
E1M8 requires a MAPINFO of some sort to have work correctly in the state it's in, unfortunately.

* Minor tweak to ILLUSORY/ilusory1 fix

Didn't need the activation reset as it was already set to begin with.

* Made the fixes consistent

Made the fixes consistent with the rest of the fixes for the other WADs already in this file
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coltongit authored and coelckers committed Aug 27, 2019
1 parent 1a070d1 commit d80816a0d93d1a66b36942699a5cad2fe52178bc
Showing with 21 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +21 −0 wadsrc/static/zscript/level_compatibility.zs
@@ -1370,6 +1370,27 @@ class LevelCompatibility native play
SetWallTexture(1926, Line.back, Side.bottom, "MARBLE3");
case 'A7C4FC8CAEB3E375B7214E35C6298B03': // Illusions of Home e1m6
// Convert zero-tagged GR door into regular open-stay door to fix map
SetLineActivation(37, SPAC_Use);
SetLineSpecial(37, Door_Open, 0, 16);
SetLineActivation(203, SPAC_Use);
SetLineSpecial(203, Door_Open, 0, 16);
case '5084755C29FB0A1912113E36F37C958A': // Illusions of Home e3m4
// Fix action of final switch
SetLineSpecial(765, Door_Open, 0, 16);
case '0EF86635676FD512CE0E962040125553': // Illusions of Home e3m7
// Fix red key
SetThingFlags(247, 2016);

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