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PAToS -- Pedagogical Annotation Tools for Spanish

PAToS is a set PERL scripts and a CG3 (Constraint Grammar 3, VISLCG3) developed for the pedagogical annotation of Spanish texts. PAToS assumes as input a file (or files) annotated with lemma and POS tags including a series of informations such as language (for texts written including words in languages other than Spanish), morphosyntactic features and starting and ending times for transcripts of audiovisual documents. The scripts have been originally designed for the annotation of video interview transcripts of the SPinTX project.

The PAToS package provides with the following functionalities:

  • PERL scripts for format conversions between other SPinTX-related tools and VISL-CG3 and Corpus WorkBench Tools
  • VISL-CG3 grammars that annotate (or post-edit) Spanish texts assuming they have been tokenized, lemmatized and POS-tagged with TreeTagger (and usuing the SPinTX POS tagging tools)
  • PERL scripts for the generation of file (document) level breakdowns, and word level visualization files using the internal SPinTX token ids
  • PERL scripts to generate the linguistic specifications included in the VISL-CG3 file (if following the established documentation format)


See INSTALL for installation instructions.

Further Documentation

See 'docs/EXTENDING' on how to extend the VISL-CG3 grammars for the annotation of new linguistic or pedagogical phenomena.


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