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GraphQL API server for clients like rumors-site and rumors-line-bot


For development, copy .env.sample to .env and make necessary changes.

For production via rumors-deploy, do setups in docker-compose.yml.



First-time setup

After cloning this repository & cd into project directory, then install the dependencies.

$ git clone --recursive # --recursive for the submodules
$ cd rumors-api

# This ensures gRPC binary package are installed under correct platform during development
$ docker-compose run --rm --entrypoint="npm i" api

If you want to test OAuth2 authentication, you will need to fill in login credentials in .env. Please apply for the keys in Facebook, Twitter and Github respectively.

Start development servers

$ mkdir esdata # For elasticsearch DB
$ docker-compose up

This will:

  • rumors-api server on http://localhost:5000. It will be re-started when you update anyfile.
  • rumors-site on http://localhost:3000. You can populate session cookie by "logging-in" using the site (when credentials are in-place in .env). However, it cannot do server-side rendering properly because rumors-site container cannot access localhost URLs.
  • Kibana on http://localhost:6222.
  • ElasticSearch DB on http://localhost:62222.
  • URL resolver on http://localhost:4000

To stop the servers, just ctrl-c and all docker containers will be stopped.

Populate ElasticSearch with data

Ask a team member to send you nodes directory, then run:

$ docker-compose stop db

to stop db instance.

put the nodes directory right inside the esdata directory created in the previous step, then restart the database using:

$ docker-compose start db

Detached mode & Logs

If you do not want a console occupied by docker-compose, you may use detached mode:

$ docker-compose up -d

Access the logs using:

$ docker-compose logs api     # `api' can also be `db', `kibana'.
$ docker-compose logs -f api  # Tail mode

About test/rumors-db

This directory is managed by git submodule. Use the following command to update:

$ npm run rumors-db:pull


# Please check lint before you pull request
$ npm run lint
# Automatically fixes format error
$ npm run lint:fix


To prepare test DB, first start an elastic search server on port 62223:

$ docker run -d -p "62223:9200" --name "rumors-test-db"
# If it says 'The name "rumors-test-db" is already in use',
# Just run:
$ docker start rumors-test-db

Then run this to start testing:

$ npm t

If you get "Elasticsearch ERROR : DELETE http://localhost:62223/replies => socket hang up", please check if test database is running. It takes some time for elasticsearch to boot.

If you want to run test on a specific file (ex: src/xxx/__tests__/ooo.js), run:

$ npm t -- src/xxx/__tests__/ooo.js

When you want to update jest snapshot, run:

$ npm t -- -u


Build docker image. The following are basically the same, but with different docker tags.

$ docker build -t cofacts/rumors-api:latest .

Run the docker image on local machine, then visit http://localhost:5000. (To test functions involving DB, ElasticSearch DB must work as .env specified.)

$ docker run --rm -it -p 5000:5000 --env-file .env cofacts/rumors-api

Other scripts

Fill in urls index and hyperlinks field for all articles & replies

First, make sure .env is configured so that the correct DB is specified. Then at project root, run:

$ node_modules/.bin/babel-node src/scripts/fillAllHyperlinks.js

This script would scan for all articles & replies to fill in their hyperlinks field, also populates urls index. The urls index is used as cache. If an URL already exists in urls, it will not trigger HTTP request.

Clean up old urls entries that are not referenced by any article & reply

The urls index serves as a cache of URL scrapper and will enlarge as ListArticle is invoked with URLs. The following script cleans up those urls that no article & reply currently uses.

$ docker-compose exec api node_modules/.bin/babel-node src/scripts/cleanupUrls.js


Failed to load gRPC binary on Mac

If rumors-api server fails to start due to the following error:

Cannot find module '/srv/www/node_modules/grpc/src/node/extension_binary/node-v72-linux-x64-glibc/grpc_node.node'

try running:

npm rebuild --target_platform=linux --target_arch=x64 --target_libc=glibc --update-binary


GraphQL API server for clients like rumors-site and rumors-line-bot





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