GraphQL API server for clients like rumors-site and rumors-line-bot
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GraphQL API server for clients like rumors-site and rumors-line-bot



First-time setup

After cloning this repository & cd into project directory, then install the dependencies.

$ git clone --recursive # --recursive for the submodules
$ cd rumors-api
$ npm i

If you want to test OAuth2 authentication, you will need to create config/local-development.js (already in .gitignore) with the following content:

module.exports = {

Please apply for the keys in Facebook, Twitter and Github respectively.

Start development servers

$ mkdir esdata # For elasticsearch DB
$ docker-compose up

This will:

  • rumors-api server on http://localhost:5000. It will be re-started when you update anyfile.
  • Kibana on http://localhost:6222.
  • ElasticSearch DB on http://localhost:62222.

To stop the servers, just ctrl-c and all docker containers will be stopped.

Populate ElasticSearch with data

Ask a team member to send you nodes directory, then put the nodes directory right inside the esdata directory created in the previous step, then restart the database using:

$ docker-compose restart db

Detached mode & Logs

If you do not want a console occupied by docker-compose, you may use detached mode:

$ docker-compose up -d

Access the logs using:

$ docker-compose logs api     # `api' can also be `db', `kibana'.
$ docker-compose logs -f api  # Tail mode

About test/rumors-db

This directory is managed by git submodule. Use the following command to update:

$ npm run rumors-db:pull


# Please check lint before you pull request
$ npm run lint
# Automatically fixes format error
$ npm run lint:fix


To prepare test DB, first start an elastic search server on port 62223:

$ docker run -d -p "62223:9200" --name "rumors-test-db"
# If it says 'The name "rumors-test-db" is already in use',
# Just run:
$ docker start rumors-test-db

Then run this to start testing:

$ npm t

If you get "Elasticsearch ERROR : DELETE http://localhost:62223/replies => socket hang up", please check if test database is running. It takes some time for elasticsearch to boot.

If you want to run test on a specific file (ex: src/xxx/__tests__/ooo.js), run:

$ npm t -- src/xxx/__tests__/ooo.js

When you want to update jest snapshot, run:

$ npm t -- -u


Build docker image. The following are basically the same, but with different docker tags.

# Production build
$ npm run build

# Staging build
$ npm run build:staging

Run the docker image on local machine, then visit http://localhost:5000. (To test functions involving DB, ElasticSearch DB must work as config/default.js specified.)

$ docker run --rm -it -p 5000:5000 mrorz/rumors-api

Push to dockerhub

# Production
$ docker push mrorz/rumors-api:latest

# Staging
$ docker push mrorz/rumors-api:staging