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Music identification using spectrogram based peak-pair hashing
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Audio fingerprinting and identification in Python. See the dev blog for more details.


This is a Python 3 application that uses Pipenv.

  • Install the dependencies
> pipenv install
  • Activate the shell
> pipenv shell

Saving Songs

A PostgreSQL database is assumed to be running on port 5432 with the username and password being "soundz". The database url can be changed in

Songs can be added and used for later identication with


where FILE is the relative or absolute path of an audio file and DIRECTORY is the relative or absolute path of an directory containing audio files. The only supported audio formats at the moment are mp3 and mp4.


Audio identification is done using the microphone. The command

> python

can be used to record and identify 10 seconds of audio. The amount of time can be changed in

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