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3.3 (2019-04-06)

  • Change: Initialize plugin on plugins_loaded action instead of on load
  • Change: Update plugin framework to 049
    • 049:
    • Correct last arg in call to add_settings_field() to be an array
    • Wrap help text for settings in label instead of p
    • Only use label for help text for checkboxes, otherwise use p
    • Ensure a textarea displays as a block to prevent orphaning of subsequent help text
    • Note compatibility through WP 5.1+
    • Update copyright date (2019)
  • New: Add file and move all but most recent changelog entries into it
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 5.1+
  • Change: Update copyright date (2019)
  • Change: Update License URI to be HTTPS
  • Change: Split paragraph in's "Support" section into two

3.2 (2018-06-15)

  • Fix: Show admin notices on plugin's setting page
  • New: Add basic unit tests
  • Change: Update plugin framework to 048
    • 048:
    • When resetting options, delete the option rather than setting it with default values
    • Prevent double "Settings reset" admin notice upon settings reset
    • 047:
    • Don't save default setting values to database on install
    • Change "Cheatin', huh?" error messages to "Something went wrong.", consistent with WP core
    • Note compatibility through WP 4.9+
    • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 4.7
    • 046:
    • Fix reset_options() to reference instance variable $options
    • Note compatibility through WP 4.7+
    • Update copyright date (2017)
    • 045:
    • Ensure reset_options() resets values saved in the database
    • 044:
    • Add reset_caches() to clear caches and memoized data. Use it in reset_options() and verify_config().
    • Add verify_options() with logic extracted from verify_config() for initializing default option attributes.
    • Add add_option() to add a new option to the plugin's configuration.
    • Add filter 'sanitized_option_names' to allow modifying the list of whitelisted option names.
    • Change: Refactor get_option_names().
    • 043:
    • Disregard invalid lines supplied as part of hash option value.
    • 042:
    • Update disable_update_check() to check for HTTP and HTTPS for plugin update check API URL.
    • Translate "Donate" in footer message.
    • Note compatibility through WP 4.5.
    • 041:
    • For a setting that is of datatype array, ensure its default value is an array.
    • Make verify_config() public.
    • Use <p class="description"> for input field help text instead of custom styled span.
    • Remove output of markup for adding icon to setting page header.
    • Remove styling for .c2c-input-help.
    • Add braces around the few remaining single line conditionals.
  • New: Add
  • New: Add LICENSE file
  • Change: Give settings checkboxes more width so checkboxes don't always flow below their labels
  • Change: Improve responsiveness of settings page
  • Change: Store setting name in constant
  • Change: Update session expiration error message to sync with one that WP core uses
  • Change: Switch to outputting markup with printf()
  • Change: (Hardening) Sanitize screenshot URL before output (for future-proofing)
  • Change: Make legend image's title and alt text translatable
  • Change: Minor code reformatting
  • Change: Add GitHub link to readme
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.9+
  • Change: Drop compatibility with versions of WP older than 4.7
  • Change: Update copyright date (2018)
  • Change: Update installation instruction to prefer built-in installer over .zip file
  • Change: Fix changelog entry for v3.1 for proper rendering in Plugin Directory

3.1 (2016-01-14)


  • This release adds support for language packs and has many minor behind-the-scenes changes.


  • Change: Update plugin framework to 040:
    • Change class name to c2c_AdminTrimInterface_Plugin_040 to be plugin-specific.
    • Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable.
    • Don't load textdomain from file.
    • Change admin page header from 'h2' to 'h1' tag.
    • Add c2c_plugin_version().
    • Formatting improvements to inline docs.
  • Change: Add support for language packs:
    • Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable.
    • Remove .pot file and /lang subdirectory.
  • Change: Declare class as final.
  • Add: Create empty index.php to prevent files from being listed if web server has enabled directory listings.
  • Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.4+.
  • Change: Update copyright date (2016).

3.0 (2015-03-08)

  • Add ability to trim home icon in admin bar
  • Apply admin bar trimmings to the front-end
  • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 3.8
    • Remove now-unused settings: hide_visit_site_link, hide_search_engines_blocked, hide_favorite_actions, hide_turbo_link, hide_page_heading_icon
    • Remove now-unused functions: add_admin_js(), admin_user_info_links(), remove_howdy()
    • Discontinue output of now-unused CSS and JS
  • Remove is_admin() restriction so admin toolbar is trimmed on front-end too
  • Update plugin framework to 039
  • Explicitly declare activation() and uninstall() static
  • Better singleton implementation:
    • Add get_instance() static method for returning/creating singleton instance
    • Make static variable 'instance' private
    • Make constructor protected
    • Additional related changes in plugin framework (protected constructor, erroring __clone() and __wakeup())
  • Add checks to prevent execution of code if file is directly accessed
  • Rename add_admin_css() to add_css()
  • For options_page_description(), match method signature of parent class to prevent PHP warnings
  • Re-license as GPLv2 or later (from X11)
  • Reformat plugin header
  • Add 'License' and 'License URI' header tags to readme.txt and plugin file
  • Use explicit path for require_once()
  • Discontinue use of PHP4-style constructor
  • Discontinue use of explicit pass-by-reference for objects
  • Remove ending PHP close tag
  • Minor documentation improvements throughout
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing)
  • Change documentation links to to be https
  • Note compatibility through WP 4.1+
  • Update copyright date (2015)
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Change donate link
  • Add assets directory to plugin repository checkout
  • Update screenshots
  • Move screenshots into repo's assets directory
  • Add banner
  • Add icon


  • NOTE: v2.3 will remove support for versions of WP earlier than 3.3
  • Add 'hide_avatar' setting
  • Add hide_help_tabs(), clear_contextual_help(), admin_bar_menu()
  • Only add filter on gettext when WP < 3.3
  • Reposition legend image via CSS
  • Adjust selection logic for legend image (based on new WP version and images being renamed)
  • Add new screenshot-1.png for WP 3.3 and rename remaining images with one number higher
  • Bugfix: check if hide_favorite_actions validly applies to this WP version before using it
  • Mark pre-WP3.3 code in anticipation of removal in next feature release
  • Update plugin framework to 031
  • Remove support for global $c2c_admin_trim_interface variable
  • Change parent constructor invocation
  • Explicitly declare methods public
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.3+
  • Drop support for versions of WP older than 3.1
  • Create 'lang' subdirectory and move .pot file into it
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Update screenshots for WP 3.3
  • Add link to plugin directory page to readme.txt
  • Update copyright date (2012)


  • Dynamically number options rather than hardcoding numbers into label
  • Change to hide "Howdy" via gettext() translation string modification rather than CSS
  • Change method and improve thoroughness of disabling dashboard menu link
  • Use filters to disable footer links and WP version
  • Show different legend image on settings page depending on what version of WP is in use
  • Fix to properly register activation and uninstall hooks
  • Update plugin framework to 024
  • Save a static version of itself in class variable $instance
  • Deprecate use of global variable $c2c_admin_trim_interface to store instance
  • Add __construct(), activation(), admin_init(), hide_dashboard(), admin_user_info_links()
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.2+
  • Drop support for versions of WP older than 3.0
  • Update all screenshots
  • Display reduced size legend image, make it clickable to view full-size, and add text saying as much
  • Explicitly declare functions public
  • Regenerate .pot
  • Minor code formatting changes (spacing)
  • Update copyright date (2011)
  • Add plugin homepage and author links in description in readme.txt


  • Fix bug related to declaring functions static


  • Update plugin framework to version 021
  • Explicitly declare all class functions public static
  • Delete plugin options upon uninstallation
  • Fix to prevent PHP notices for version-dependent options
  • Note compatibility through WP 3.1+
  • Update copyright date (2011)


  • Update plugin framework to version 016


  • Re-implementation by extending C2C_Plugin_014, which among other things adds support for:
    • Reset of options to default values
    • Better sanitization of input values
    • Offload of core/basic functionality to generic plugin framework
    • Additional hooks for various stages/places of plugin operation
    • Easier localization support
  • Full localization support
  • Add option to hide "Search Engines Block" link in WP 3.0+
  • Don't show option to hide "Visit site" link if running in WP 3.0+
  • Change positioning method for setting page graphic
  • Rename class from AdminTrimInterface to c2c_AdminTrimInterface
  • Move object instantiation to within the initial if(!class_exists()) check
  • Store plugin instance in global variable, $c2c_admin_trim_interface, to allow for external manipulation
  • Check for is_admin() before defining class rather than during constructor
  • Add PHPDoc documentation
  • Add package info to top of plugin file
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing)
  • Add Upgrade Notice section to readme.txt
  • Note compatibility with WP 2.9+ and 3.0+
  • Drop compatibility with version of WP older than 2.8
  • Update copyright date
  • Add .pot file


  • Change CSS selector usage in two places to not rely on text which may get translated (fixes inability to hide username link when translated)
  • Fixed so that "|" is properly inserted as separator for upper-right links only when necessary under various visible/hidden combinations
  • Hide topmost menu separator when dashboard menu link is hidden
  • Fixed hiding of contextual help link
  • Added missing c2c_minilogo.png
  • Facilitated translation of 'Save Changes'
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing)


  • Initial release
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