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Welcome to Coffeekraken

Welcome to the Coffeekraken organization

We are a young collectve of front-end creative developers with one goal in mind. Build tools to make every team working day life better. This is our first and only concern. All our tools are build around that purpose. All what we provide are some cool tools that you can use the way you want. These tools features cover a large scope of the front-end workflow (styleguide generation, colors/fonts management, etc...). You can use only the parts that you need and let the rest aside...

Our tools

  • Carpenter : Nice web interface that display all your website styleguide by parsing directly your CSS codebase as well as aggregating all the documentations needed by your developers team to work as one.
  • Sugar : Powerful toolkit that gives you access to a lot of SASS mixins, functions, colors and fonts management as well as a lot of javascript features like DOM helpers, classes, utils and webcomponents.
  • Gridle : Fully customizable SASS grid system that let you create from simple 12 columns layouts, to any columns numbers complexe ones with ease. Support both default (float) and flexbox based systems.
  • HTML Boilerplate : Clean and fully featured (webpack, babel, node-sass) boilerplate
  • Code Playground : Simple and powerfull codepen like interface that you can embed in your project repository to create nice and interactive demos
  • Docblock to markdown : Parse and convert docblocks from codebase to markdown
  • Testing stack : Integrate quicly javascript tests inside your project
  • Webcomponents : Clean and growing library of webcomponents.
  • And many more to discover...

Open source is our roadmap

We strongly believe that the way to success is by helping each others. That’s why our primary target for our tools is to be published as fully open source projects that you can (and we hope you will) modify, enhance and share!

Check out how to contribute to our vision...

Contribute to Coffeekraken

We love to work in team and we think that we are never as performant that when we work together. This is why one of our primary focus is to develop our tools for the open source community.