iDo is an wedding guest managment app with the ability to make mailing labels for print, RSVP registry (with 4-digit pin authentication) and gift tracking.
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Welcome to iDo - Wedding App


I am getting married in the middle of September, so until then this repo will be a little crazy. Feel free to download it and use it, but we'll be constantly adding and changing things, plus adding personal details and design that wouldn't (nor shouldn't) apply to anyone else's wedding. Anyway, after the wedding, Dallas and I will clean up the code and post a fully functional and customizable app.


When I got engaged, my fiancée and I wanted an in-depth RSVP manager, along with the ability to easily tie people to the gifts they purchased us. I searched GitHub for a wedding app, and found a few, but most were glorified blogs, and so I created iDo.

I'm currently still building iDo, but should be done relatively soon. Keep checking back here for updates, or I guess you can watch the app here on GitHub and keep up-to-date that way.

Setup - Admin User Setup

To create an admin user (still a Guest record, though) all you need to do is run:

rake ido:admin You will be prompted to type in the name of the admin user (must be at least first and last name):

Enter the name of the admin user (e.g. John Smith): John Smith

It will give you the PIN associated with your new (admin) guest record and the last name to use for logging in. Run script/server (if not using Passenger) and visit the app in your browser. The login name will be your last name (“Smith” in the above example), and the PIN will be the PIN generated when your guest record was created. Using the admin guest you'll be able to create all the other guests by navigating to “/guests”.


Adam and the iDo team (Dallas)