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Developer's Guide

Developer's Guide

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Operating System

It works on Mac OS X. Probably works without any changes or issues on Linux. A masochist could probably get it working on Windows.


Clone the repo

{% highlight bash %} git clone git:// {% endhighlight %}

Ruby environment

You probably want to have RVM installed.

The project includes a .ruby-version file locked to 1.9.3 since that is what Github Pages are currently using.

There is also a .ruby-gemset that is set to coffeescript-cookbook

Required dependencies

We are using Bundler to install the required Ruby dependencies.

{% highlight bash %} bundle install {% endhighlight %}

Install pygments

You'll need python installed for this. Macs and most Linuces come with it preinstalled.

{% highlight bash %} easy_install pygments # for syntax highlighting {% endhighlight %}

Building and Viewing the Website

Open a terminal window, cd into the project folder and run foreman start from the project root.

{% highlight bash %} foreman start {% endhighlight %}

Leave this window running while you work. Any time you change a file, jekyll will rerender it into the _site folder.

Open a browser and visit http://localhost:4000/ and you should see the site.

Minutiae and Other Trivialities

Jekyll can take a second or two to catch up when you save a file. If you edit a file and don't see the changes in your browser, give it a second or two and try again. As long as it prints Successfully generated site you should be alright.