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Showed how to access class variables from an instance method
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@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@ You want to create a class variable.
class Zoo
+ helpfulInfo: =>
+ "Zoos may contain a maximum of #{@constructor.MAX_ANIMALS} animals"
sukima Apr 9, 2013 Contributor

I don't think I've ever used @constructor before. Is this something special? I've always referenced an @static variable with the name of the class (Zoo.MAX_ANIMALS). What are the pros and con of the two styles?

peterhellberg Apr 9, 2013 Member

One of the pros is that you don’t need to hardcode the name of the class. I’ve seen some discussion going on for a shorthand to @constructor (possibly @@) but I don’t think there is any consensus on that yet.

iainbeeston via email Apr 9, 2013 Member
sukima Apr 9, 2013 Contributor

I know arguing semantic now but I like the class name syntax better. It seems more readable. Then again my class names rarely change and when they do a s/ClassName/NewName/g does the trick.

Maybe it would be good to offer both syntaxes for readers.

iainbeeston via email Apr 9, 2013 Member
iainbeeston via email Apr 9, 2013 Member
dbrady via email Apr 12, 2013 Member
sukima Apr 12, 2013 Contributor

My turn to pipe in. So I'm of the opinion that a recipe is a spot to solve a problem and offer a best practices solution. However I, and many others, have come to this book/site as a way to augment the base documentation and see examples of more advanced programming techniques.

So I propose we offer problem/best practice solutions in our recipes but also have a section for great tips and tricks.

# => 50
@@ -23,6 +26,8 @@ Zoo.MAX_ZOOKEEPERS
zoo = new Zoo
# => 3
+# => "Zoos may contain a maximum of 50 animals"
{% endhighlight %}
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