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i want to tranlate this masterpiece to chinese, what folder structrue should i use?


A quick google search shows that jekyll (The generator engine used) isn't really multilingual. Many suggest because the layout of a site often needs to change based on the language used that it would be inefficient to attempt to put all languages into a single code base. Best suggestion is to fork this and then diverge your own translated version.

That being the case. I'd first suggest maintaining your own fork on a topic branch so that you could try to stay up-to-date. Next I'd suggest developing your own structure. Maybe placing the translated source in it's own directory with a link from one blog site to another.

The short of it is that a Jekyll based website such as this one never took into account more then one language. And to add i18n support is a task for the student. So... What do you suggest would be a good solution approach this problem?

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@island205 It looks like you forked the project. I’m going to close this issue now.

It might be a good idea to link to your translation directly from

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