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Jinja2 adapter for Django
Latest commit 37d458f May 25, 2015 @miracle2k miracle2k Updated link to django-jinja.
Close #89.


Coffin: Jinja2 extensions for Django

This used to be a full-featured standalone adapter. With Django adding support for other template backends, it's approach didn't make sense anymore. Please use django_jinja instead - you won't regret it:

This module now is a lean collection of some Django tags that are not included in django-jinja, namely:

  • {% url %}
  • {% spaceless %}
  • {% with %}
  • {% load %} (as a noop)
  • {% get_media_prefix %}
  • {% get_static_prefix %}
  • {% static %} (in a base variant, and with django.contrib.staticfiles support)
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