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+* What's Evil Leader?
+ Evil Leader provides the =<leader>= feature from Vim that provides an easy way
+ to bind keys under a variable prefix key. For an experienced Emacs User it is
+ nothing more than a convoluted key map, but for a Evil user coming from Vim it
+ means an easier start.
+** Installation
+ Put =evil-leader.el= into =load-path= and =(require 'evil-leader)=.
+** Usage
+ Use =evil-leader/set-key= to bind keys in the leader map.
+ For example:
+ #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+(evil-leader/set-key "e" 'file-file)
+ You can also bind several keys at once:
+ #+BEGIN_SRC emacs-lisp
+ "e" 'file-file
+ "b" 'switch-to-buffer
+ "k" 'kill-buffer)
+ The key map can of course be filled in several places.
+ After you set up the key map you can access the bindings by pressing =<leader>=
+ (default: =\=) and the key(s). E.g. =\ e= would call =find-file= to open a file.
+ If you wish to change so you can customize =evil-leader/leader= or call
+ =evil-leader/set-leader=, e.g. =(evil-leader/set-leader ",")= to change it to
+ ",".
+ The leader has to be readable by =read-kbd-macro=, so using Space as a
+ prefix key would be =(evil-leader/set-leader "<Space>")=.
+** FAQ
+*** <leader> is not working in certain buffers! Why?
+ This can have two reasons. First, the buffer is not in normal state (like
+ insert or emacs state). If you set =evil-leader/in-all-states= to non-nil
+ (before loading evil-leader or via customize) you can access the leader
+ keymap still with the non-normal-prefix + leader (default: =C-\=).
+ Second, =<leader>= can be overshadowed by the current major-mode because
+ evil-leader uses the global keymap which has a lower priority than the local
+ keymap. To still use =<leader>= you have to either use another key or
+ Have a
+ look at =C-h k <leader>=, if it is bound then it overshadows the evil-leader
+ keymap.
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