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A better backspace for Emacs.
Emacs Lisp
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  • Put sackspace.el into your load-path (make compile will give you a byte-compiled version). Alternatively install it via package.el from Marmalade
  • Use (sackspace-mode 1) to enable it



Backspace : Delete char backwards or delete back Tabstop (or an equivalent number of spaces) [1]

C-Backspace : Delete word backwards (you can customize delete function) [1]

Alt-Backspace : Delete char backwards [1]

Shift-Backspace : Delete all whitespace till non-whitespace char is found.

[1] Takes a numeric argument. You can specify how often it will be executed.

Note: If you use a terminal Emacs C-Backspace and Shift-Backspace are not available.

Other Packages

Supports subword-mode, and paredit-mode. To disable this support change the "honor" customs in M-x customize-group RET sackspace RET.

Supports evil directly by prohibiting edits in non-editing states if evil is enabled.


  • Within term-mode sacks/whitespace won't work (it will delete the chars from the emacs buffer, but not from the terminal).
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