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Source for documentation on This is an evolution of the original GitHub wiki and still uses markdown files for documentation pages, but the publish process enables some additional features:

  • Version support (based on tags) with canonical urls
  • Nested folder support
  • Ability to define redirects
  • Folder level TOC (table of contents) support, with default ordering if not specified

File Structure

The documentation follows a few structural rules:

Directory and file naming

  • The directory and file names are used as-is as the document/directory title
  • Directory and file names are slugged to created the url paths
  • Directories can be nested to create nested navigation structures

Directory root documents

  • Add an to customize the directory root-level documentation
  • If no file is specified then a list of child documents will be displayed automatically


  • Links will be transformed as part of the markdown rendering on the site
  • To reference another document, just use the title or slug - we will convert it to a slug either way
  • You can reference documents in the same directory or child directory by not using a slash at the start e.g. [My Doc](My Doc) or [My Doc](My Folder/My Doc)
  • Parent directory traversal with '../' is not supported yet
  • To reference files outside of your directory you can use an application relative root eg. [My Doc](/My Folder/My Doc)

Static resources

  • Any files except .md and .json files are copied to a separate directory so they can be hosted as static resources
  • Static files can be nested in directories and will retain the same structure when copied to the output directory
  • File names are slugified when copied
  • References to static files are re-written to the correct directory/file name

Table Of Contents

  • By default a table of contents (TOC) will be created using the file and directory structure, ordering items by the document name.
  • The included files and ordering can be customized by defining a toc.json file with an array of document titles you want to include in the order you want to include them e.g:
	"Website Startup",
	"Data Access",
	"Background Tasks"


If documents get moved or renamed you should create a redirect. To do this first create a redirects.json file in the folder with the file you want to redirect. The json file should contain an object with keys mapping to a file name and the value mapping to the redirected path. This translates to a .NET Dictionary<string,string>, e.g:

    "Website Startup": "/new-folder/website-startup",
    "Mail": "/mail"

Building the docs

The docs are published using the Doc Generator tool. Currently this is a manual process but we should be able to automate this at some point.