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using Cofoundry.Core;
using Cofoundry.Domain;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
namespace Cofoundry.Samples.Menus
/// <summary>
/// Here we use a view component to load the menu data
/// from Cofoundry repositories, map it into a view model
/// and then return a view for rendering.
/// </summary>
public class MultiLevelMenuViewComponent : ViewComponent
private readonly ICustomEntityRepository _customEntityRepository;
private readonly IPageRepository _pageRepository;
public MultiLevelMenuViewComponent(
ICustomEntityRepository customEntityRepository,
IPageRepository pageRepository
_customEntityRepository = customEntityRepository;
_pageRepository = pageRepository;
public async Task<IViewComponentResult> InvokeAsync(string menuId)
var viewModel = new MultiLevelMenuViewModel();
viewModel.MenuId = menuId;
// Get the menu entity
var menuEntity = await GetMenuByIdAsync(menuId);
// If not exists, return empty model
if (menuEntity == null) return View(viewModel);
var dataModel = (MultiLevelMenuDataModel)menuEntity.Model;
// Gather all pages required for mapping
var allPageIds = ExtractPageIds(dataModel.Items).Distinct();
var allPages = await _pageRepository.GetPageRoutesByIdRangeAsync(allPageIds);
// Map the menu items recusively
viewModel.Nodes = EnumerableHelper.Enumerate(dataModel.Items)
.Select(i => MapMenuNodeViewModel(i, allPages))
.Where(i => i.PageRoute != null)
return View(viewModel);
private MultiLevelMenuNodeViewModel MapMenuNodeViewModel(MultiLevelMenuNodeDataModel dataModel, IDictionary<int, PageRoute> allPages)
var viewModelItem = new MultiLevelMenuNodeViewModel()
Title = dataModel.Title,
PageRoute = allPages.GetOrDefault(dataModel.PageId)
// recusively map the view models
viewModelItem.ChildNodes = EnumerableHelper
.Select(i => MapMenuNodeViewModel(i, allPages))
.Where(i => i.PageRoute != null)
return viewModelItem;
private static IEnumerable<int> ExtractPageIds(ICollection<MultiLevelMenuNodeDataModel> nestedNodes)
foreach (var node in EnumerableHelper.Enumerate(nestedNodes))
yield return node.PageId;
// recursively extract the ids from child items
foreach (var pageId in ExtractPageIds(node.Items))
yield return pageId;
private async Task<CustomEntityRenderSummary> GetMenuByIdAsync(string menuId)
var customEntityQuery = new GetCustomEntityRenderSummariesByUrlSlugQuery(MultiLevelMenuDefinition.DefinitionCode, menuId);
var menus = await _customEntityRepository.GetCustomEntityRenderSummariesByUrlSlugAsync(customEntityQuery);
// Forcing UrlSlug uniqueness is a setting on the custom entity definition and therefpre
// the query has to account for multiple return items. Here we only expect one item.
return menus.FirstOrDefault();