A bare website showing various examples of page module types.
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A bare website showing various examples of how to implement page block types.

If you have any requests for example block types, let us know.

To get started:

  1. Create a database named 'Cofoundry.Samples.PageBlockTypes' and check the Cofoundry connection string in the config file is correct for you sql server instance
  2. Run the website and navigate to "/admin", which will display the setup screen
  3. Enter an application name and setup your user account. Submit the form to complete the site setup.
  4. Log in and add a page with the General template, click on save and edit to go to the visual editor and play around with the page block types.

Example Page Block Types:

  • DirectoryList: Lists pages in a specific directory. Demonstrates searching for pages using IPageRepository and using the WebDirectoryAttribute data model attribute.
  • HorizontalLine: A very simple block type that adds a variable width horizontal line (wrapped hr tag).
  • PageList: An orderable list of links to pages. Demonstrates querying for cached page routes using IPageRepository, the PageCollectionAttribute data model attribute and generating links to pages from page objects.
  • PageSnippet: Displays summary information about a page. Demonstrates the PageAttribute data model attribute, querying and manipulating block data and handling availability of linked entities (due to draft status).
  • Quotation: A quotation block that is output as blockquote with an optional cite tag.
  • TextList: A list of text items that displays in an html unordered list, or optional in an ordered list.
  • Carousel: A multi-item carousel making use of NestedDataModelCollection to allow editing of a collection slides.