@HeyJoel HeyJoel released this Oct 25, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • #81 Querying a custom entity by url slug
  • #256 File type blocking: make configurable
  • #159 Disable built-in features / remove items from admin panel navigation
  • #257 Remove soft-deletes
  • #170 IFileStoreService and orphan items
  • #33 Make Image Asset Files Permanently Cachable
  • #185 Add Cofoundry starter template
  • #50 Allow admin panel path to be configurable
  • #138 Allow admin panel to be disabled via configuration setting
  • #128 SlugFormatter: Improve handling of punctuation marks


  • #235 IPageBlockTypeDisplayModelMapper: Should pass down IExecutionContext to map method
  • #260 Issue with CMS admin login
  • #249 DefaultHtmlSanitizationRuleSetFactory incorrectly whitelists class attribute
  • #252 GetCustomEntitySummariesByIdRangeQuery - Setting missing in constructor
  • #247 Tags added to Documents are not saved correctly
  • #248 Image links generated in the html editor dont have the correct url slug or extensions
  • #242 Custom Entity Duplication
  • #241 TextFormatter.PascalCaseToSentence: Should account for acronyms
  • #193 IRouteRegistration: Adding a catch all route can override the admin route


Breaking Changes

  • UriParse helper has been renamed HttpUriParser to better describe it's scope as it only parses http base uris.
  • The signature to IPageBlockTypeDisplayModelMapper<TDataModel> has been updated to make mapping simpler (see release blog post for detailed explainaton)
  • AdminRouteAttribute has been removed. Please register your routes via methods in Cofoundry.Web.Admin.AdminRouteBuilderExtentions
  • ImageAsset/DocumentAsset: Many property names/sizes tidied up. Removed soft deletes, routes have changed. If you want to redirect requests from the old assets routes you'll need to enable the compatibility feature Cofoundry:ImageAssets:EnableCompatibilityRoutesFor0_4 or Cofoundry:DocumentAssets:EnableCompatibilityRoutesFor0_4
  • ImageAssets: A max image upload size is now enfoced which defaults to 3200x3200 but can be configured in settings.
  • Setting Cofoundry:AutoUpdate:IsDisabled is now Cofoundry:AutoUpdate:Disabled
  • NotDangerousFileExtensionAttribute and NotDangerousMimeTypeAttribute removed and replaced with IAssetFileValidator that is now configurable.