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Wordpress Plugin Find in TAGS Conversation Explorer

made by @cogdog

If this kind of stuff has any value to you, please consider supporting me so I can do more!

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This Wordpress plugin provides a shortcode to embed lookup form that allows a lookup of a name in a Twitter TAGs Conversation Explorer (the worksheet archive of Twitter activity created by Martin Hawksey).

For example this is the visualization of tweets for #netnarr a course I teach.

There is a lot of nodes in there. Each one provides pop up box with all the data for one person. But it's hard to find a specific one in complex networks like this one.

Martin told me that I could generate a direct link by taking the URL for the Conversation Explorer:

and appending onto it &name=cogdog if I wanted to find my own info, or directly

But who wants to munge together URLs by hand?

This plugin provides a shortcode that creates a small form field where a user can enter a twitter name and spawn the link to the Conversation Explorer for that user.

Installing The Plugin

Download this repo as a .zip file using the Clone or Download green button. Then install in your Wordpress Plugins by uploading the zip, and activating the plugin.

Using the Shortcode

The form can be put in a post, page, or sidebar. Just add to your editor

 [findintags url=""]

where url is the link from your own Twitter TAGs worksheet.

which renders as the small form in the red box (using default styles of your theme)

Twitter names do not need the @ sign; if present it will be truncated. The Conversation Explorer will open in a new window.

For any CSS styling, the form structure is:

 <form id="findtagsform">
    <label for="twitter">Twitter Name</label><br>
    <input type="input" id="tweeter"> 
    <input type="submit" value="Find">

For now the work is done in an action="javascript:.... on the form field, the lamest way to go about it, but if it needs it down the line, it can be moved to a call to a function in a script tag.


Wordpress plugin offering shortcode to embed lookup form to find name in a Twitter TAGs Conversation Explorer







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