A WordPress Child Theme of Hamilton with a few cogdog mods
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Kid Hamilton WordPress Theme

by Alan Levine http://cog.dog/ or http://cogdogblog.com/

A Wordpress child theme of Anders Norén's Hamilton with few small mods.

If this kind of stuff has any value to you, please consider supporting me so I can do more!

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Actually it's a small mod now, maybe more to come... I have a WordPress customizer add on that enables you to create your own footer text to replace the standard copyright one (but we still give Anders Norén credit below). For example, you might use it to insert a creative commons license statement.


First, use the standard WordPress Appearances -> Themes to find and install the Hamilton theme.

Next, install the Kid Hitchock theme downloaded from this repo as a .zip file; either by uploading to your wp-content/themes directory or by direct FTPing the unzipped files to your wordpress wp-content/themes directory.

Then activate the theme! Build content! Go to the Customizer to kid around with your footer.

Seen the Kid?