Getting Twitter avatars as easy as frying eggs
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assets Let's Fry Eggs Sep 19, 2016

Egg Twitter Avatars Over Easy

Getting Twitter avatars as easy as frying eggs... try it

Sometimes you just go down a small coding hole... In our work for announcing Virtually Connecting events we end up having to find twitter avatar images to represent participants on the images used in the blog posts. It takes about 4 clicks and web page views to search for an account, and download an image.

Surely there is an easier way (I will stop calling you Shirley). The first few results I found for web tools to do this were old, based on the defunct 1.0 API or just plain dead domains. As the web crumbles.

But then I found a post in Stack Overflow that showed it was as easy as constructing a URL that access the public methods of the 1.1 API.[screen_name]/profile_image?size=[size]

where size can be "mini", "normal", "bigger", or original.

So mine is

Which produces

I wondered what it would take to build a web tool for others to do that, just a bit of jQuery interaction with a form, so that changing the sizes from a menu, entering a twitter name would generate the image and a download link. And reading the Twitter documentation on Profile Images and Banners I found the URLs that could be used to represent the default "eggs"


SO a bit of random number generation gets a different colored egg on each page load.

Mmmmm Twitter Egss Downloaded Over Easy...

(this is about 2 hours of effort, and not all error checks are in there, I leave that as an exercise for some forker)