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mashes up pecha flickr, powerpoint karoke, with random flickr photos


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by Alan Levine or

The fun improv game that mashes up pecha kucha, powerpoint karaoke with random photos from flickr-- seen at

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What the heck is pechaflickr?

Huh? Give pechaflickr a tag to search for flickr photos, how many you want, how long you want each slide on the screen, and see what kind of improv you and your friends can do.

And try the new Heather mode -- Inspired by the suggestion of a grade 6 teacher, in this mode the tag is not displayed, and the challenge is to guess the tag from the pictures you get. Or try the option to draw only from images in the Flickr Commons.

Requirements for Running Your Own Pechaflickr

If for some reason you want to host your own Pechaflickr, you will need a web server or a local running server, PHP 7.4 (working on an 8.0 version) and to get a flickr API key. Do I really need to say you need the internet?

Setting Up

  1. Copy all files to your web server in directory of your choice.
  2. Get a flickr api key
  3. Edit config.php to enter the string for the API key (and asll you can add a Google Analytics code if that's your thing)
  4. Play and have fun


This was made first in 2011, and I have been sloppy at tracking updates. Time to make up for that!

Credit for Code Bits

I am more a patcher together of bits of code. Pechaflickr would not be possible without

Going Worldwide

Other versions of pechaflickr:

Tell Me

If you have used pechaflickr in any way, I'm interested in knowing about it! Leave me some feedback at


mashes up pecha flickr, powerpoint karoke, with random flickr photos







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