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The Permuator

by Alan Levine

If this kind of stuff has any value to you, please consider supporting me so I can do more!

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What is This?

See for a "stunning" demo where you can see maybe what "COGDOG" stands for?

This is github based SPLOT for randomizing the possible words to make up nebulous acronyms like SPLOT first done in a hard coded way at -- GIF version here

Ah, but now we have a new twist. Rather than having the word choices being hard coded in a file, they are defined by json files in the /wordsrc directory on this site.

Try this reproduction of the original SPLOT mix

and a favorite pal

Specifications for JSON Format

this is rough now, needs refinement for sure!

The URl parameter for wordsrc= specifies the name of a json data file in the wordsrc/ directory so a file named felix.json is requested by the URL

To create your own permutator, you could download this repo and run from your own server. Then, make versions of the data files in the /wordsrc directory. OR... and even more fun, just add your own files to this repo.

Download a copy of an existing data file, modify to fit your own permutating message, and submit as a pull request. The json data fields are:

title: The main title that appears in yellow background: The background image; either local if uploaded to the images director or a full URL to source image attribution: credit for image, added to the footer allwords: an array of arrays for the word choices (see an example)

Ultimately, if I were a decent coder, I should build a tool that generates some json...


a github based splot for randomizing acronyms like at







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