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Rasterio plugin to read mercator tiles from Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF.

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Source Code:


You can install rio-tiler using pip

$ pip install -U pip
$ pip install rio-tiler --pre # version 2.0 is in development

or install from source:

$ git clone
$ cd rio-tiler
$ pip install -U pip
$ pip install -e .


rio-tiler is a rasterio plugin which aims to ease the creation of slippy map tile dynamically from any raster data.

from typing import Dict, List

from import COGReader
from rio_tiler.models import ImageData

with COGReader("my-tif.tif") as cog:
    # get info
    info: Dict =

    # get image statistics
    stats: Dict = cog.stats()

    # get metadata (info + image statistics)
    meta: Dict = cog.metadata()

    # Read data for a mercator tile
    img: ImageData = cog.tile(tile_x, tile_y, tile_zoom, tilesize=256)
    assert img.mask

    # Read part of a data for a given bbox (size is maxed out to 1024)
    img: ImageData = cog.part([minx, miny, maxx, maxy])

    # Read data for a given geojson polygon (size is maxed out to 1024)
    img: ImageData = cog.feature(geojson_feature)

    # Get a preview (size is maxed out to 1024)
    img: ImageData = cog.preview()

    # Get pixel values for a given lon/lat coordinate
    value: List = cog.point(lon, lat)

Partial reading on Cloud hosted dataset

rio-tiler perform partial reading on local or distant dataset, which is why it will perform best on Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG). It's important to note that Sentinel-2 scenes hosted on AWS are not in Cloud Optimized format but in JPEG2000. When performing partial reading of JPEG2000 dataset GDAL (rasterio backend library) will need to make a lot of GET requests and transfer a lot of data.

Ref: Do you really want people using your data blog post.


  • rio-tiler-mvt: Create Mapbox Vector Tile from numpy array (tile/mask)

Mission Specific tiler

In rio-tiler v2 we choosed to remove the mission specific tilers (Sentinel2, Sentinel1, Landsat8 and CBERS). Those are now in a specific plugin: rio-tiler-pds.


  • rio-viz: Visualize Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF in browser locally
  • titiler: A lightweight Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF dynamic tile server.
  • cogeo-mosaic: Create mosaics of Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF based on mosaicJSON specification.

Contribution & Development



The rio-tiler project was begun at Mapbox and has been transferred in January 2019.

See AUTHORS.txt for a listing of individual contributors.





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