Initialize Nerves system from EC2 metadata
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This module initializes a Nerves system using Amazon EC2 metadata. It is similar to nerves_init_gadget, but specialized for Amazon EC2.

An example app that uses it is hello_nerves_ec2.

It does the following:

  • Brings up networking

  • Starts an IEx console acccessible via ssh using the key pair specified for the instance

  • Configures the node name and starts distributed Erlang net_kernel

  • Logging via ring_logger


Add nerves_init_ec2 to the deps in your project's mix.exs:

  defp deps(target) do
      {:nerves_runtime, "~> 0.4"},
      {:nerves_init_ec2, github: "cogini/nerves_init_ec2"}
    ] ++ system(target)

Add nerves_init_ec2 to the list of applications to always start in config/config.exs:

config :shoehorn,
  init: [:nerves_runtime, :nerves_init_ec2],
  app: Mix.Project.config()[:app]

Configure nerves_init_ec2. The defaults will bring up a system with an IEx console accessible via ssh on port 22.

config :nerves_init_ec2,
  net_kernel: false,
  node_name: "nerves",
  node_name_public: false,
  ssh_console_port: 22,
  ssh_authorized_keys: [
  #!(Path.join(System.user_home!, ".ssh/authorized_keys"))

ssh_authorized_keys defines static keys. nerves_init_ec2 adds the instance key pair to this list.

If you set net_kernel: true, then nerves_init_ec2 will start up distributed Erlang. The Node name will be node_name@ip. node_name_public: false uses the private IP of the instance, node_name_public: true uses the public IP.