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lernOS is an Operating System for Livelong Learning and Learning Organizations.
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lernOS Logo

The lernOS Guide for You is part of lernOS. The guide will help learners help to kick-start their self-directed lifelong learning process.

Release Notes

1.2 (Feedback/discussion on CONNECT)

  • Guideline renamed to „lernOS Guide for You“
  • lernOS logo added to cover page
  • Telegram User Group replaced by CONNECT
  • Mobi version (Amazon) added to output formats
  • Generation of all output files via make.bat
  • Table of Contents (TOC) added to html version


  • Renaming of lernOS Sprint/Circle, now Learning Sprint/Circle
  • Objective & Key Results (OKR) as default method for learning sprints
  • Introduction of learning paths for modularization of learning objectives/contents in a sprint (replaces "styles")
  • Introduction of the NOOB learning path with reduced kata set (11 katas)
  • MOBI added as eBook format (for Amazon Kindle app and devices)


  • Acknowledgement chapter added


  • First Version of the lernOS Guide
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