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WordBridge - to Joomla Bridge

This is WordBridge, Cognidox Ltd's WordPress to Joomla bridge. 
It can be used to connect a Joomla site with either with a 
hosted blog or a blog on a self-hosted WordPress installation.
Once a blog is linked via a Joomla menu item, updates to the WordPress 
blog will automatically appear on the Joomla site.

This component is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3:

This repository holds:

    joomla_1.5/com_wordbridge - Joomla 1.5 component and plugin sources
    joomla_1.6/com_wordbridge - Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5 component and plugin sources
    joomla_3.1/com_wordbridge - Joomla 3.x component and plugin sources

Installation packages for the Joomla components are provided in the Releases 
section of the GitHub repository.

More information about installation and usage can be found on the Cognidox
project page:


To install the component, follow the steps below:

1) Log into your Joomla site as an administrator.
2) Ensure both the cURL and DOM PHP extensions are enabled.
3) Select Extensions -> Extension Manager to bring up the Joomla
   Extension Manager:Install screen.
4) Upload the com_wordbridge zip file and click 'Upload & Install';
   the component will be installed and enabled within Joomla.

Using the Component:

To use the component to link to a WordPress blog follow the steps

1) Log into your Joomla site as a user who can add menu entries.
2) Use Joomla's Menu Manager to add a new menu item.
3) For the Menu Item Type, select WordBridge -> List of blog entries.
4) In the menu item's WordBridge Settings, set the Wordpress blog name
   to the name of your blog.
     e.g. If the blog is available at, 
          then the blog name to enter is 'example'. 
          If the blog is self-hosted, enter the fully qualified
          hostname of the blog. So, if the blog is,
          the blog name to enter is ''.
5) Save the menu item entry. The blog will now appear in Joomla. New 
   entries posted to the site will automatically appear
   in the Joomla site.
6) If the blog is self-hosted, install the WordBridge Pro WordPress
   component in WordPress. The WordBridge Pro plugin can be downloaded
   from the project page:


Thanks to the following people who have contributed to the
development of this component:

 * RaviOnline -