Clojure conj 2014 Unsessions

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This page is for the Clojure/conj 2014 Unsessions.
We will have four rooms available at the Washington Metro Marriott (NOT the conference hotel!!) between 7 and 10pm on Thursday, November 20, 2014. All unsessions are 60 minutes.

Washington Metro Marriott rooms:

  • Salon A/B (200) - projector, screen, theater style (seats in rows)
  • Salon C (100) - projector, screen, theater style
  • Salon D (60) - projector, screen, round tables
  • Salon E (60) - no A/V, round tables, whiteboard+markers


Time Salon A/B Salon C Salon D Salon E
7:00 pm CIDER demo/Q&A Feature expression overview OPEN ClojureBridge
8:00 pm Eastwood Linter Datomic Light Table - Feedback and Hackfest Is the Clojure community ready for a non-profit?
9:00 pm Cursive demo/Q&A Native Clojure/Toccata Pedestal: Future directions OPEN

Special thanks to Element 84 for sponsoring the Clojure/conj unsessions!

## **CIDER demo/Q&A**

Hosted by: Bozhidar Batsov @bbatsov
Description: I'll be talking about the evolution of CIDER at the conj, but I won't be able to show much (in terms of features) during my talk. I'd like to do a more extensive demonstration of the general workflow with CIDER and all the cool things we've done recently. I'd also like discuss with our users (and potential users) existing problems, ideas for improvements and the future direction of the project.

If you're feeling adventurous I can even walk you through the process of extending CIDER via Emacs Lisp commands and nREPL middleware.

Feedback is important and I'd like to get as much as possible to make CIDER better!
Interest (name or Twitter): @colinfleming @lambdastu @turbopape @hickstohono @PhillWolf @charliekilo @AnnaPawlicka @ericnormand @underplank @justzeros @jeffmadynski @donmullen

## **ClojureBridge curriculum hack session**

Hosted by: Bridget Hillyer @BridgetHillyer
ClojureBridge is an effort to increase diversity within the Clojure community by offering free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for women. We are working on updating the advanced capstone app to use Quil. This will be a hack session, so we will be working on building the curriculum.
Interest (name or Twitter): @mikepence @miner @juliansgamble @joshheadapohl @dviramontes_ @swannodette @AnnaPawlicka @ericnormand @kunstmusik @hyPiRion @nonrecursive @stuarthalloway

## **Cursive demo/Q&A**

Hosted by: Colin Fleming @cursiveclojure
Description: I'll be talking about the Cursive implementation at the conj, but if you're interested in a general demo of Cursive features, or if you have questions or comments about Cursive use, this is for you! I'm also very interested in hearing everyone's experiences, suggestions and pain points.
Interest (name or Twitter): @mikepence @hiredman_ @puredanger @bbatsov @wvdlaan @hickstohono @PhillWolf @swannodette @ericnormand @danoyoung @cldwalker @jonsmock @nonrecursive @stuarthalloway

## **Datomic**

Hosted by: Stuart Halloway @stuarthalloway and Tim Ewald
Description: Interested in Datomic, or using it already, and have questions about schema design, the fastest way to load data, the new
Pull API, querying with datalog or something else? Learn about Datomic and get answers from the dev team and from customers using it in production.
Interest (name or Twitter): @craigandera @quoll @ohpauleez @kunstmusik @underplank @adamtait @jeffmadynski @terjesb @tendant @donmullen @danoyoung @loganlinn

## **Eastwood Linter**

Hosted by: Kevin Downey (@hiredman_)
Description: Eastwood( is a neat tool with a variety of linters not limited to:

  • misplaced docstrings
  • deprecations
  • redefd-vars
  • local shadows var
  • unused namespaaaaaces

At this BoF style session users of Eastwood can share their experience with it, while those who want to use it can hear about using it.
Interest (name or Twitter): @colinfleming @puredanger @bbatsov @charliekilo @nonrecursive

## **Feature expression overview**

Hosted by: Alex Miller @puredanger
Description: Feature expressions has been in work for a while and is expected to be part of Clojure 1.7 (and a concurrent ClojureScript release). See a quick overview and discuss necessary changes in tools to support it.
Interest (name or Twitter): @miner @reiddraper @colinfleming @juliansgamble @joshheadapohl @bbatsov @wvdlaan @loganlinn @swannodette @timothypratley @AnnaPawlicka @cldwalker @charlieklilo @jonsmock @quoll @justzeros @adamtait @tendant @deepbluelambda

## **Light Table - Feedback and Hackfest**

Hosted by: Gabriel Horner @cldwalker
Description: As Light Table forms a core team, it is entering an exciting phase of development. I'd like to hear from users and potential users: what do you use it for, what do you wish it had and what's painful? After that discussion, let's hack to make Light Table better! I'm happy to guide first time contributors or users who wants to build plugins with Light Table's unique features.
Interest (name or Twitter): @colinfleming @justzeros @nwbvt

## **Native Clojure/Toccata**

Hosted by: Jim Duey @jimduey and Steve Miner @miner
Description: The second most requested item in the Clojure survey was a Clojure that compiles to native code. Let's get together to talk about how that would be done and what we would like to see in such an effort.

We can also talk about my (Jim) project Toccata which is a Clojure-like Lisp that compiles to C. Since Toccata is intended to be easily ported to other languages (like JavaScript, Python, Swift, etc), this conversation can cover those implementations as well.
Interest (name or Twitter): @mj_langford @davidrupp @quoll @mikepence @juliansgamble @hyPiRion @joshheadapohl @jonsmock @kunstmusik @pronouncekamrin @deepbluelambda

## **Pedestal: Future directions**

Hosted by: Paul deGrandis @ohpauleez
Description: Pedestal is heading in exciting new directions - open-dispatch interceptors, better error handling within services, new platforms and optimizations, embracing new web technologies, and more. Come learn about all these enhancements. Additionally, the Pedestal team wants to hear from you: your pains, your feature wishlist, how you're using Pedestal. Come help make Pedestal even better!
Interest (name or Twitter): @terjesb @wvdlaan @hickstohono @PhillWolf @charliekilo @jonsmock @adamtait @donmullen @loganlinn

## **Is the Clojure community ready for a non-profit?**

Hosted by: Daniel Solano Gómez @deepbluelambda
Description: The Clojure community has grown significantly over the past few years. Cognitect has been an excellent steward of the Clojure community and has organised conferences, supported open source projects, and helped out with the Google Summer of Code. However, Cognitect remains a closed, for-profit enterprise, and there are many essential community projects that rely solely on the spare time and resources of their core developers.
The purpose of this unsession is to try to answer this question: Is the Clojure community ready for a non-profit? Why or why not? If so, what would this non-profit look like? How should it be organised? Should we join something like
Software in the Public Interest or the Software Freedom Conservancy? How could a non-profit help your local user group?
Interest (name or Twitter): @BridgetHillyer