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Testing Transit implementations

This project contains code which may be used to test all implementations of transit.

To run a test, execute the following command in the transit-format directory.

bin/verify -impls clj -enc json

This will test the json version of the transit-clj implementation.

The -enc option can be either json or msgpack. If it is omitted then both with be tested.

The -impls option can be any languange implementation. clj will test transit-clj and ruby will test transit-ruby. If this option is omitted then it will attempt to test all implementations. Multiple languages can be specified.

bin/verify -impls clj ruby

To test everything run:


There is also a -gen option to run generative tests. The following usage

bin/verify -gen 100

will generate 100 random edn structures. There are still some issues around equality testing that need to be fixed to eliminate false positives.

Timing information can also be collected for each implementation.

bin/verify -time

Test requirements

Testing transit-clj requires Maven.

Testing transit-java requires Maven.

Testing transit-ruby requires Ruby >= 1.9 and Bundler gem install bundler.

Testing transit-jruby requires JRuby >= 1.7.15 and Bundler gem install bundler.

Supporting testing

The only requirement for an implementation to be testable is that it have a script named roundtrip in its bin directory. This script must start a process which accepts transit data on standard in and returns transit data on standard out. The process should read the transit data, then write it to standard out.

The script must take one argument which can be either json, json-verbose, or msgpack which will be used to setup the correct encoding.

Building the exemplars

To build the exemplars, simply make sure the software is up to date and run the script bin/exemplars. This will generate a large number of example files in examples/0.8/simple. By convention we keep the latest versions of the examples files checked in.