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erlendcognite V0.12.0 (#175)
* Major rewriting of SDK

* Improve documentation

* Update docs and make api client limits protected

* Change from numbered versioning to stable/experimental

* Remove unused code and fix __str__() for CogniteResponse

* Remove anything related to versions from documentation

* Minor fixes and updates to docstrings

* Update api key env var in Jenkinsfile

* Update

* Remove unused print statements and add debug mode

* Omit auxiliary directory from coverage report

* Increase coverage threshold to 2%

* Update documentation and docstrings

* Add examples in docs for assets and datapoints

* Fix assets test

* Add simple examples for events, files, login and time_series

* Fix examples in overview

* Skip undeterministically failing sequences test

* Update main docs

* Increase coverage threshold

* Fix typo in docs

* Update jupyter examples

* Clean up docs and fix ordering issue

* Move version specification in to each individual client

* Make requested changes from F1's review

* Update documentation

* Remove docstring from top-level

* Do not retry 401 or POST

* Add default timeout of 60s for all requests and let user configure it.

* Fix bug in response object __str__()

* Return None instead of empty dict where applicable

* Remove some outdated kwargs from docstrings

* Do not return empty dict as string repr for cognite response when 'data' key is missing

* Move to_json() method to CogniteResponse and remove where it is not necessary to override

* Use .to_json() in .__str__() of CogniteResponse

* Fix failing tests after fixes

* Move helpers only used in tests to

* Update some docstrings and include inherited members in docs

* Add more examples

* Fix bug in get_datapoints multithreading

* Fix bug in example

* Remove version parameter in client_factory and make it protected.

* Update with link to instead of this homemade versioning scheme

* Default to logging at INFO level and do not let user configure this

* Fix bug in retry logic causing client to wait after last retry
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linreg Fix typehint-remover and enforce black (#162) Nov 27, 2018
TrainAndPredict.ipynb V0.12.0 (#175) Jan 3, 2019
data.csv Add a simple example using model hosting (#146) Nov 11, 2018
target.csv Add a simple example using model hosting (#146) Nov 11, 2018