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A port of solar-theme-ghost for Hugo
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Notes for J

Intent to merge 'first' theme derived from here: with solarized theme ... ( and maybe the popular ananke theme )

Solar Theme for Hugo

A minimalistic theme for Hugo blogs, fork of Solar Theme for Ghost.

It offers three color schemes: (Solarized) light, (Solarized) dark (default) and gray. Additional HTML can be injected just before </head> and </body> by creating a head.html or foot.html inside layouts/partials/. The default (empty) logo can be overwritten by creating a logo.svg in static/img/.



Syntax Highlighting

This theme does not bring a syntax highlighter. If you want to use Hugos, remember to update the color scheme by setting pygmentsStyle. The pygments style solarized-dark, for example, matches the themes dark color scheme, while solarized-light matches light and solarized-dark256 works with gray. Otherwise, the necessary JavaScript can be placed inside static/ and get included by providing a footer.html as described above.


Same as with any other theme:

$ git clone themes/solar-theme-hugo
$ hugo server --theme solar-theme-hugo


GPLv2 or higher

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