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{"rankingProblems": [
{"queryText": "Where can you buy dog food?",
"documents": [
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "The pet food store"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Cars are for driving place to place"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Red strawberries grow on strawberry plants"},
{"relevance": 2, "docText": "Dogs eat dog food"}
{"queryText": "Where can you go rock climbing?",
"documents": [
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "At the lake"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "In a swimming pool"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "In a cloud"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "On a pile of rocks"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "In a garden"},
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "In a climbing gym"},
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "On a mountain cliff"}
{"queryText": "What parts are most important for a computer?",
"documents": [
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "CPU"},
{"relevance": 2, "docText": "Monitor"},
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "Hard drive"},
{"relevance": 2, "docText": "Printer"},
{"relevance": 2, "docText": "Scanner"},
{"relevance": 3, "docText": "Keyboard"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Soldering iron"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Electronics factory"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Tree"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Mouse"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Street"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Lamp"},
{"relevance": 1, "docText": "Couch"}