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Release 2 for the AMENDMENT Secure Anonymizing WiFi Hub
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Release 2.0 for RaspberryPi3 B Installing and using AMENDMENT1 OS. To start you should have a 4GB (or larger is fine but not beneficial) Class 10 (Class 4 or better will do) MicroSDHD card and a Raspberry Pi 3. Both of these pieces of hardware can be found online or at a local vendor of choice. We recommend NewEgg, Fry's Electronics, or MicroCenter. You will also need a computer. To make things super-easy, we'll assume you have access to a computer where you can install apps, download files, and insert a MicroSDHD card. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the AMENDMENT1 OS v1.12 from "Releases" in this site. It is an ".img" file in ".zip" ready to be "burned" onto the MicroSDHD card. Once downloaded, extract from Zip with common desktop tools.

  2. Download Etcher from It is the easiest tool to burn .img files and cross-platform as well.

  3. Insert your MicroSDHD Card into your computer and start Etcher. The Etcher site explains how to use the tool and details what to do. However, here is an overview: -find the .img file (AMENDMENT1_12.img) by clicking "Select Image" in Etcher. -click "Select Drive" and locate the MicroSDHD card inserted into your computer -click "Flash" and wait for completion (you may have to enter the admin password to begin)

  4. Once complete, insert the MicroSDHD card into the Raspberry Pi3 and power it on. Now you have a brand new AMENDMENT1!

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