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@@ -4,13 +4,19 @@ Tentatively called zbrew.
Note : having no user yet, I play fast and loose.
No git branches when I refactorize. I will probably tag somme "interesting"
versions. This will soon change for the better.
+This file attemps to describe things from a bird view.
+The TBD file evolution shows the micro objectives.
-# Goal : viewing code in web pages
+# Goal : literate everything
-The goal is to embed a zbrew viewport in any web page so that any one can
-see how any code is parsed. In reading mode, no installation is needed.
+zbrew will allow to create material about programming code.
+It relies on a viewport called lite to highlight code.
+We can now have many lite viewports on one page.
-zbrew does classic static highlighting and dynamic highlighting.
+The main focus is now to highlight stuff in a lite from textual material.
+A lite does classic static highlighting and dynamic highlighting.
With dynamic hightlighting one can understand how code is parsed.
Static highlighting is wrongly dubbed syntax highlighting, in fact
it is just lexical hightlighting.
@@ -24,11 +30,10 @@ to interact with a server even if a disconnected mode is a goal (TBD)
# achievements so far
-At this point, we do hilite a single file data/package.json
-Touch interface devices are supported.
-Static hiliting works, dynamic does not yet.
+Static hiliting and dynamic do work.
+Panning in parse path pane does not
Integration in SFW not done.
+Touch interface devices should be supported.
Run make, serve the directory with some web server and access i.html
# Codeview needs both rakudo and nodejs

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