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CogStat is an easy to use, efficient statistical program.

CogStat website

Download CogStat

Main features of CogStat

  • CogStat automatically compiles the relevant items and statistics for a task
    • In most cases it displays raw data, descriptives and hypothesis tests in numerical and graphical forms
    • CogStat chooses the appropriate hypothesis tests automatically
    • It calculates standardized effect sizes and confidence intervals (work in progress)
  • Efficient output
  • Supports most of the simple tasks
    • Explore a variable, explore a variable pair, compare variables, compare groups, create pivot tables
  • It is free to use
  • It is localized to several languages (see available languages)

Want to know more?


Documentation for users

Documentation for contributors

CogStat is supported by

  • Social Renewal Operational Programme (TÁMOP) 4.1.2.A/1-11/1-2011-0018
  • Content Pedagogy Research Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Extended Didactical Grant, 2016-2020; ID 471028 (supported releases: v1.5, 1.6 and v1.7)
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