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Automatic analysis pipeline

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No user interaction in choosing the procedures

CogStat is an automatic analysis software, so

  • the user might set the task and the variable properties (mostly the measurement level or the role of the variable),
  • but she cannot set the analysis - this is what the software should decide about.
  • TBD There might be some special cases where theoretically motivated choices and constrains or former reliable results may justify some user choices. This might be considered in some procedures.

How to set the analysis pipeline?

  1. The procedures most textbooks suggest
  2. Improvements compared to textbooks suggested by the methodological/statistical literature
  3. For equally appropriate methods pick any of them - more common solution is preferred
  4. Some justified and reasonable extras developed by CogStat makers

Replication crisis

Reducing the replication crisis - slideshow

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Using CogStat

Advanced topics

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