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Considerations for the GUI

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  • Use as few menus as possible. The functions should be behind only a few menus.
  • The menus follow the process of the analyses: data handling (including items usually included in Files menu), analyses, and output handling. There is a final menu with items relevant to the software in general.
  • The Analysis menu includes the name of the tasks, not the name of the statistical procedure.
  • CogStat menu includes the items related to the software in general, such as Help, Preferences (not in the Edit menu, which doesn't make sense anyway), Exit (not in the File menu, which is crazy), etc.
  • Most menus should include a shortcut.


  • They should be as simple as possible. Smart details should be included in the decision tree behind those dialogs.
  • When relevant, source variable list should be on the left side, and selected variables for the analysis should be on the right side.
  • Variables chosen for an analysis should be removed from the source list.
  • OK button should be disabled until necessary details are set. #114

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