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Considerations for the core functions

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Main analysis pipelines

The analysis pipelines are methods for the CogStatData objects.

The returned results is a list of items, that can be displayed as an html document. (Note that the qt based GUI may not display all html details.) (The html document should be formatted with css. #72)

Variable names

  • (This is the aim, but not the current case.) Variable names should be the strings one wants to see in the results. This might include non-letter characters, non-Latin letters, practically anything.
    • To make sure that the analyses run appropriately in the background, safe variable names should be used in the analyses, but the output should show only the names the user specified in the data file.
  • If the same names are used for several variables, CogStat should handle this.
  • If the name is missing for a variable, CogStat should handle this.

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