How to compile the results?

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Results to compile

For most analysis preferably the following components should be compiled (issue #27):

  • Name of the analysis
    • The variables involved in the analysis
  • Raw data (issue #62)
    • Number of valid and missing cases
    • Display raw data without any additional information
  • Sample properties
    • Descriptives numerically
      • Add standardized effect sizes here
    • Graph displaying the descriptives
      • Add raw data - Graph with individual data
  • Population properties
    • Point and interval estimations (confidence interval or credible interval, issue #20, issue #28)
      • Display them in a table: point and interval estimations are the columns, and parameters are the rows.
    • Graphs displaying the population estimations
    • Hypothesis test results with checking the appropriate assumptions
      • Hypothesis test should follow interval estimations, because most probably interval estimations can be interpreted more easily
      • Use the following steps:
        • First, explicitly state what property/situation is tested, forming the null hypothesis possibly in everyday terms (issue #74)
        • Second, specify what test will be used, or what tests could be used, depending on the assumptions. Print the main steps and reasons (variable type, assumptions, etc.) why the specific test was chosen
        • Third, if needed, run the assumption check(s). Be explicit about what belongs to the assumption check (issue #75).
        • Fourth, if assumption check was applied, summarize the assumptions and print the test name.
        • Fifth, print the test result.
        • Sixth, if post-hoc test is needed/available, print the post-hoc test name and the results.

Numerical results

  • When relevant, results should be in APA format
  • When possible, and when it gives denser presentation, tables should be used


For all ordinal data display the rank of the values, issue #24.

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