Technical background

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  • CogStat is written in Python
    • Because it is a free, high level general language, that is becoming more popular among scientist and also its statistical modules are improving
    • Currently Python 2 is used
    • When appropriate function is not available in Python, R is used occasionally

Python packages used by CogStat

  • pandas - handling the data
  • statsmodels - for most of the statistical calculations
  • numpy, scipy.stats - for some other statistical calculations
  • rpy - for R-Python connection
  • matplotlib - for most of the graphs
  • PyQT (qt4) - for the GUI
  • python-bidi - for RTL languages displaying matplotlib labels

Main modules of CogStat

  • - main module, handles the data and chooses the relevant results
  • - creates graphs and strings of the statistical analysis
  • - statistical functions that are not available in other Python modules
  • - well, the GUI, except the dialogs
  • - dialog handling for the GUI
  • - various functions used in several modules

Some additional details are partly available in the code comments and docs.

Many part of the code needs refactoring, partly because in former phases of the development the technical solutions changed a lot.

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