understanding the semantic part structure of sketches
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Our goal is to understand the semantic part structure of object sketches.

Developing part segmentation task on toy case

Milestones for part segmentation task interface:

  1. Display: paper.js canvas environment that displays the sample smiley SVG, by reading in the cubic bezier curve segments.
  2. Interactive 1: allows for highlighting by hovering/clicking particular strokes
  3. Interactive 2: allows you to "paint in" only the subset of curve segments that you click and drag over, rather than entire stroke by default.
  4. Interactive 3: class-conditional menu of labels appears after each "paint" operation (e.g., eye, mouth, head, Other). a. If "Other" is selected, text box appears to allow for free response.
  5. Output: For each paint+annotation cycle, write out: painted SVG curve segments plus their semantic label. Once an SVG curve segment is painted and labeled once, it cannot be painted in again.

Generalizing to a particular real object class

Using part annotations to train a segmenter on held out objects within that class.