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Calendar with CalDAV Support

This is a rewrite of the calendar system used by the german social network Animexx. It's still in a very early stage, so expect major bugs. Please feel free to report any of them, by mail ( or Friendica:

At the moment, the calendar system supports the following features:

  • A web-based drag&drop interface for managing events
  • All-Day-Events, Multi-Day-Events, and time-based events
  • Giving the subject, a description, a location and a color for the event (the color is not available through CalDAV, though)
  • Recurrences (not the whole set of options given in the iCalendar spec, but the most important ones)
  • Notification by e-mail. Multiple notifications can be set per event
  • Multiple calendars per user
  • Access to the events using CalDAV (using iPhone, Thunderbird Lightning etc., see below)
  • Read-only access to the friendica-native events (also using CalDAV)
  • The friendica-contacts are made available using CardDAV (confirmed to work with iOS)
  • The events of a calendar can be exported as ICS file. ICS files can be imported into a calendar


  • At the moment, settings for the US and the german systems are selectable (regarding the date format and the first day of the week). More will be added on request.
  • The basic design of the system is aware of timezones; however this is not reflected in the UI yet. It currently assumes that the timezone set in the friendica-installation matches the user's local time and matches the local time set in the user's operating system.

CalDAV device compatibility:

Installation After activating, serveral tables in the database have to be created. The admin-interface of the plugin will try to do this automatically. In case of errors, the SQL-statement to create the tables manually are shown in the admin-interface.

Functuality missing: (a.k.a. "Roadmap")

  • Sharing events; all events are private at the moment, therefore this system is not a complete replacement for the friendica-native events
  • Attendees / Collaboration

Used libraries

SabreDAV New BSD License

wdCalendar GNU Lesser General Public License

jQueryUI Dual-licenced: MIT and GPL licenses

TimePicker Dual-licenced: MIT and GPL licenses

ColorPicker MIT License

Author of this plugin (the parts that are not part of the libraries above): Tobias Hößl @TobiasHoessl

Originally developed for: Animexx e.V. /

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