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Some authentication and authorization tests for an Apache CXF proxy service using the Apache Camel Spring Security component.

The tests use the following set up. A CXF JAX-WS "double-it" service requires TLS with client authentication. A CXF proxy service also requires TLS, but with a UsernameToken instead of client authentication. A Camel route is configured to route messages from the proxy to the service. A client can invoke on the proxy with a UsernameToken over TLS, however the proxy is configured not to authenticate the UsernameToken, but just to process it and store the Subject on the message. The tests then use Spring Security to authenticate or authorize the call, and if successful pass the call and response to/from the backend service.

  1. AuthenticationTest

Here the Camel route instantiates a Processor that takes the Subject name + password from the appropriate Camel header and authenticates it via Spring Security.

  1. AuthorizationTest

Does the same as the AuthenticationTest, except that the springSecurityPolicy associated with the route also required a role of "boss". User "alice" has this role, and user "bob" does not.