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This project contains a number of tests that show how to use the AWS Key Management Service with Apache CXF.


You must have registered for Amazon AWS, and created a user in the IAM service, saving the access key id and secret key. You then need to create a customer master key for this user, and save the key id. See this article for more information:


  1. SymmetricActionTest

Two test-cases for a CXF endpoint using symmetric encryption (AES-128 + AES-256). Each test-case asks a CallbackHandler for the secret key to encrypt the request. In this case, the CallbackHandler asks the Amazon KMS (Key Management Service) for a data encryption key, using the master key for "alice".

Edit org/apache/coheigea/cxf/kms/symmetric/cxf-client.xml, and insert the relevant values here:

Similarly, edit org/apache/coheigea/cxf/kms/symmetric/cxf-service.xml:

  1. AsymmetricTest

A test-case for a CXF based web service using Asymmetric encryption via WS-SecurityPolicy. The keystore password for both signature and encryption is stored encrypted in the crypto properties files using the AWS KMS (Key Management Service) via the KMSPasswordEncryptor class.

Edit org/apache/coheigea/cxf/kms/asymmetric/cxf-client.xml, and insert the relevant values here:

The same goes for the cxf-service.xml file for this test.