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This project contains a number of tests that show how to use Kerberos with Apache CXF.

  1. AuthenticationTest

Thie test shows how an Apache CXF JAX-WS service endpoint can authenticate a client using Kerberos. There are two test-cases contained in "AuthenticationTest", one that uses a WS-SecurityPolicy KerberosToken policy, and the other that uses a SpnegoContextToken policy.

Both testcases start up a KDC locally using Apache DS. In each case, the service endpoint has a TransportBinding policy, with a corresponding EndorsingSupportingToken which is either a KerberosToken or SpnegoContextToken. The client will obtain a service ticket from the KDC and include it in the security header of the service request.

  1. JAXRSAuthenticationTest

This test shows how to use Kerberos with a JAX-RS service.